How To Lose Weight and Stay Healthy by Drinking Oolong Tea

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Miracle Weight Loss Oolong Tea from China

Oolong Tea only represents about 2% of worldwide tea production. The remaining 98% of worldwide tea production is split between black tea (78%) and green tea (20%). Despite the fact that oolong tea is still not as well-known as other forms of tea, it is slowly starting to gain popularity worldwide.

Oolong tea has been the subject of much research and study in recent years, and it has been found to have many positive health benefits for the human body. In this article, we hope to enlighten the reader on how drinking oolong tea can improve our lives.

Stay Healthy by Drinking Oolong Tea

What is Oolong Tea?

Oolong tea, which can be literally translated as “Black Dragon Tea”, is a traditional semi-oxidized Chinese tea produced by withering the plant under strong sun and oxidation before curling and twisting. After the tea is processed via the process of drying, frying and baking, the color of the tea turns black and the taste becomes flat.

Oolong tea is especially popular in South China and among the Chinese community in South-East Asia. Different types of oolong tea can vary widely in flavor, ranging from sweet and fruity with honey aromas, or woody and thick with roasted aromas.

The scientific community has done a lot of in-depth research on the health benefits of drinking oolong tea and has come to a consensus on many of the effects of oolong tea on our bodies.

Chinese Oolong tea Benefits

Many oolong tea lovers enjoy drinking this beverage not only because of its taste, but also because they seek its health benefits. These health benefits include increasing metabolism and fat-burn, weight loss, lowering of blood pressure, slowing down of aging, and reduces inflammation in the body.

The main component of tea which is tannic acid, has been proven to be closely related to the metabolism of fat. Other studies show that Oolong tea can also reduce blood cholesterol content. The consumption of Oolong tea is highly recommended due to its slimming properties, especially in our modern society, where most people lead a sedentary lifestyle and obesity rates are at an all-time high.

Steven’s weight loss story

Here is Steven – Someone who used to be obese. He went on an amazing weight loss journey that included the consumption of Oolong tea on a regular basis, both at home and outside.

When Steven is at home, he ensures that there is a large pot of Oolong tea, cooled in the refrigerator for easy access. Whenever he goes out, he brings along a thermal flask filled with iced Oolong tea. Steven also soaks oily food in a cup of tea, if he is eating oily food in restaurants.

Steven used to have a bad eating habit – He often stayed up late at night and ate a lot of junk food for supper. In order to wean himself off this habit, Steven started incorporating new activities and hobbies in his life, such as drinking tea outdoors when the weather is good, or fishing in the nearby lake. He says, “The tea can help me stay focused and forget about the temptation of food.”

What is oolong tea?
Does Oolong Tea Help You Lose Weight?

A study was published in the Journal of Obesity by Dr Zhang Zhiren, a professor of medicine at Taiwan’s most prestigious university. He pointed out that people who regularly drink Oolong tea tend to have lower body mass index and fat content on average than those who don’t. It was also observed that the weight loss effect from tea was more prominent in women than in men.

Professor Zhang explained that compared with other types of tea such as black tea and green tea, Oolong tea can stimulate the activity of pancreatic lipolytic enzymes, reduce the absorption of sugar and fat foods, and accelerate the body’s heat production and promote fat burning, making Oolong tea exceptionally effective in the reduction of abdominal and tummy fat.

Consuming a cup of oolong tea during each of his daily 3 meals was a huge part of Steven’s weight loss journey. Professor Zhang recommends that Oolong tea should be drank hot, and sugar should not be added for maximal weight loss. It is also recommended to drink the tea approximately one hour after your meal for maximum results.

Your tea drinking habits should also be adapted according to your own body and physique. If you do feel any form of discomfort such as stomach pain, or suffer from insomnia after drinking tea, you should stop.

When brewing tea, it is best to control the water temperature between 80 °C-90 °C. The brewed tea should be drunk within 30-60 minutes, or else the nutrients in the tea will start to oxidize and the health benefits that can be reaped from drinking tea will be reduced.

The 3 Major Health Benefits of Drinking Oolong Tea

First of all, Oolong tea can activate autonomic nerves and reduce stress. Oolong tea can enhance our autonomic and parasympathetic activities and prevent overeating due of stress, and anxiety. Drinking Oolong tea can control our appetite and help us slim down.

Secondly, Oolong tea can increase our energy levels and metabolic rate. According to studies, the slimming effect of Oolong tea can last up to 5 hours, with 300 ml of Oolong tea burning approximately 40 calories.

Lastly, Oolong tea can burn fat and is beneficial to fat metabolism. Studies have shown that Oolong tea also has certain effects in controlling cholesterol levels.

Oolong Tea For Weight Loss

What is the recommended way of drinking oolong tea for weight loss?

It is recommended that you drink about 1 liter of oolong tea everyday to increase your metabolic rate and suppress your cholesterol levels. Try not to add any sugar into your tea, and try to consume hot tea instead of iced tea.

You should also avoid drinking Oolong tea with an empty stomach, or else you might experience hunger and dizziness. Also avoid drinking tea before going to bed, as it might keep you awake at night. Lastly, we recommend not drinking Oolong tea cold, because according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), it may not be good for your stomach.

Where Purchase Oolong tea?

You can find it at some local tea shop and there are some online tea shop.
We strongly recommend buying a smaller quantity if you are purchasing tea online from a particular source for the first time. You will also need to spend some time to try the tea, especially with about 100-250 g of tea and 3-4 brews. After all, if you are going to drink something every day and you are searching for something of good quality, it will take some time and effort to find “the one”.

You can also get it from, where the prices are much better and you get free delivery once you hit the free shipping tier. They ship to worldwide.

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