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Yixing Teapot User Guide – FAQs

Reading Time: 7 minutes How To Brew Good Chinese Tea with One Of The Greatest Teapots of All Time – Yixing Zisha Clay Teapot   There is a Chinese saying that states that “Water is the mother of tea, while the teapot is the father.” Simply put, this means that the teapot is just as important in making the […]

The Ultimate Guide to Drinking Tea – FAQs About Tea

Reading Time: 16 minutes FAQs about TEA The Art of Brewing and Drinking Tea is not a simple one and beginners might find themselves lost in all the various intricacies and details about this art. As such, I decided to prepare the Ultimate Guide to Drinking and Brewing Tea for Beginners, and plan to answer all of your most […]

The Best Tea For A Cold

The best tea for a cold

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sneezing, sore throat, headache and runny nose are the symptoms of the common cold, the common remedy for which is a dose of medicine. But there is more than one type of cold, and a specific TCM remedy for each. Taking the wrong cold medicine could make symptoms worse. Traditional Chinese Medicine theory specifies two […]

Is New Tea Or Aged Tea Better?

Reading Time: 3 minutes IS NEW TEA OR AGED TEA BETTER? Many people believe that tea that is newly produced tends to taste and look better as compared to aged tea. This is true for certain types of tea such as Green Tea and Oolong Tea, whereby it is better to buy tea manufactured in the same year. However, […]

Tea Keeps Your Skin Good

Reading Time: 5 minutes Tea Keeps Your Skin Good And Makes You Look Younger   Tea is beneficial both for your health and skin, as it contains nutrients that can regulate skin function and can promote skin vitality. The polyphenols contained in tea can also resist oxidation, aging, bacteria, and obesity. Caffeine found in tea can keep one refreshed, […]

How To Select High-Quality Chinese Tea

Reading Time: 4 minutes How To Select High-Quality Chinese Tea?   There are many types of Chinese tea which can broadly categorized under one of six categories : GREEN, YELLOW, WHITE, BLACK , DARK and OOLONG. Besides deciding on what type of tea to drink, based on one’s needs and tastes, one should also pay close attention to the […]

Top 7 Chinese Teas That Can Help You Lose Weight

Healthy drink for a slim and clean body

Reading Time: 4 minutes Top 7 Teas That Can Help You Keep Slim, Lose Weight And Stay Healthy   According to a survey conducted in 2018, more than half of the world’s population drink tea everyday. It is often said that drinking tea can contribute to weight loss. How true is this? And which types of tea are the […]

The Best Times To Drink Green Tea For Weight Loss And Other Health Benefits

Reading Time: 4 minutes Does green tea help you lose weight? Yes. How does Green Tea contribute to Weight Loss? When a person’s daily caloric intake exceeds the basic metabolic rate, the excess calories will be converted into fat and stored in the body, resulting in an increase in body fat. Drinking Green Tea can increase the rate of […]

Do Different Colors Have Different Tastes?

Reading Time: 6 minutes A Crash Course on the Different Types of Chinese Tea Tea has existed in ancient Chinese culture since several thousand years ago. With the development of Chinese civilization, people started planting and brewing different types of teas in different parts of the country. Because there are so many different types of tea, it can be […]

3 Simple Steps to Brewing A Perfect Cup Of Tea

Reading Time: 5 minutes 3 Simple Steps to Brewing A Good Cup Of Tea Drinking Tea Is A Lifestyle, While Brewing Tea Is An Art The art of brewing tea isn’t actually too complicated. While small adjustments to the brewing process need to be made based on the type of tea, the general methodology and techniques used remain the […]

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