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Do you have a website or blog relate to tea, food, drink, health or lifestyle? We at Pure Chinese Tea invite you to join our affiliate program. You just need to put one of our banners or text links on your site and then you will earn commission on every sale by the visitors from your site.

What we offer you:

Why Join the PureChineseTea Affiliate Program?

PureChineseTea offers the most complete range of Chinese tea specific products in the market with many unique products across a range of categories including oolong tea, green tea, white tea, teawares and beyond. We currently have over 30 products and are constantly adding new products on a weekly basis to our comprehensive website. The site contains a store but also a huge amount of helpful advice and a supportive community.

We take care with everything we do from product selection to the quality of service and we ship internationally.

We offer cash back and have at major offers every month. We are also open to providing exclusive discounts for well performing affiliate partners. We are constantly introducing new products all the time.

How Do You Benefit from the PureChineseTea Affiliate Program?

Banners: Creatives updated regularly in line with promotions and seasonal events provided through our in house design team
Commission: earn 5% commission
Cookie Length: 30 days
Affiliate Approval: Manual
Voucher Codes: Individual codes can be provided for specific promotions and/or high performing partners.


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