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Non-Lidded Tea Cup

Handwritten Calligraphy Teacup


Each of these Handwritten Calligraphy Tea Cups is a prized collectible and has high aesthetic value. They collectively embody the idea of a ‘Peaceful Inner World’.


This item has a generous and graceful shape, a handle that is comfortable to hold, a tea lid that is round and fitting, and a short spout. Water and tea can flow out of its spout smoothly.


Traditional Handmade Chaozhou Craftsmanship, coupled with Delicate Zhuni, create teaware with top-notch workmanship.


Made of ancient techniques and hand-painted, the surface is painted with gold glaze, and burned with an open flame to achieve ever-changing textures.


This new handmade work by Tan Yun is made of Red Clay. The clay is gentle, water flows out of the teapot smoothly, and the worksmanship is exquisite.

$400.00 $250.00

The design of this tea set is simple and elegant, such that you can make tea with you, wherever you go, as you want, and enjoy a good cup of tea in a fast-paced life.


Traditionally Hand-made Craftsmanship from Chaozhou, coupled with delicate zhuni clay, creates teaware with a better texture and higher quality. Chaozhou teapots have appreciated rapidly in price within the past two years and are part of many teaware collectors' collections.


This pot is fully handmade, with natural, fluid lines and a round, plump body, the straight spout connecting solidly with the body while maintaining symmetry with the ear-like handle, working together to enhance the harmony of the piece.


These gaiwans feature a simple and clean look, employing a plant ash glaze that gives it a very natural feeling.


This teapot is embellished with elegant marble patterns and a dotted golden glaze, creating a beautiful style. The tray can be used to hold dessert, fruits and other tea accessories.


This handmade work was carefully crafted by the craftsman Tan Yun. It is made with Warm Red Clay, with exquisite workmanship and smooth edges.


The Zhuni Zisha Teapot is made using a potter's wheel. It can be completed in a short-period of time in the hands of a skilled craftsman. Its manufacturing process is complex, with more than 60 different production processes, lasting up to a period of 10-15 days.

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