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The graininess of black vermicelli is obvious. This unique mud texture is incomparable and replaceable by any kind of clay. The texture of the grain is full of sand and it is easy to be well-stocked.


These gaiwans feature a simple and clean look, employing a plant ash glaze that gives it a very natural feeling.


This is a Japanese-style Tea Set which is simple and easy to use.


This teapot is embellished with elegant marble patterns and a dotted golden glaze, creating a beautiful style. The tray can be used to hold dessert, fruits and other tea accessories.


This handmade work was carefully crafted by the craftsman Tan Yun. It is made with Warm Red Clay, with exquisite workmanship and smooth edges.


The Zhuni Zisha Teapot is made using a potter's wheel. It can be completed in a short-period of time in the hands of a skilled craftsman. Its manufacturing process is complex, with more than 60 different production processes, lasting up to a period of 10-15 days.

Non-Lidded Tea Cup

Gongfu Pinming Teacup


These Gongfu Styled Pinming Tasting Cups have small and thin walls, allowing tea drinkers to fully savour the flavour of the tea in their lips and mouth to the fullest.

Non-Lidded Tea Cup

Handwritten Calligraphy Teacup


Each of these Handwritten Calligraphy Tea Cups is a prized collectible and has high aesthetic value. They collectively embody the idea of a ‘Peaceful Inner World’.


Combining the best of retro and modern designs, this Hammered Glass Teapot can not only be used to brew tea directly, but also used to boil tea on an electric ceramic stove.

Tea Accessories

Cat Tea Pet Meowster


Get these cute kitties as tea pets and have them join you for all your future tea-drinking sessions! Ideal for cat lovers!

Tea Accessories

Carp Tea Pet Fish


This Cyprinoid Fish Tea Pet has a priceless goofy expression on its face, making it hilarious to look at. The surface glaze has a craquelure pattern which will gradually stain with the colour of tea. As you use it more and more often to drink tea, its beautiful pattern will slowly unravel.

Tea Accessories

Twin Carp Tea Pet Fish


This Twin Carp Tea Pet symbolises strength and perseverance, as they have whiskers and scales that make them resemble dragons, making it ideal as a tea pet.

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