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Tea Accessories

Cat Tea Pet Meowster


Get these cute kitties as tea pets and have them join you for all your future tea-drinking sessions! Ideal for cat lovers!

Tea Accessories

Carp Tea Pet Fish


This Cyprinoid Fish Tea Pet has a priceless goofy expression on its face, making it hilarious to look at. The surface glaze has a craquelure pattern which will gradually stain with the colour of tea. As you use it more and more often to drink tea, its beautiful pattern will slowly unravel.

Tea Accessories

Twin Carp Tea Pet Fish


This Twin Carp Tea Pet symbolises strength and perseverance, as they have whiskers and scales that make them resemble dragons, making it ideal as a tea pet.


Fishes represent good luck and happiness, as they have the same pronunciation as the Chinese word for Abundance "Yu". This makes them the ideal candidate as tea pets!

Tea Accessories

Lotus Pond Tea Tray


Get this Lotus Pond Tea Tray together with your aquatic tea pets! Bring the scenic nature of the Chinese Lakes to the comforts of your home.

Tea Accessories

Fortune Frog Tea Pet


Fortune Frogs are some of the most popular types of tea pets and ornaments that you'll find on the tea table. They are seen to be lucky creatures in Chinese mythology that can bring their owner great fortune & prosperity.

Tea Accessories

Buddha Tea Pet Happy Monk


A buddha/monk tea pet with a smile on the face. Nourish it regularly by rinsing it with tea and its surface will become smoother and shinier.

Tea Accessories

Gongfu Bamboo Tweezers


These Bamboo Tweezers allow you to hold the cup without touching the rims of the small Gongfu teacups with your hands, which may be considered rude by some.

Tea Accessories

Ebony Wood Tea Knife Pick


This cigar shaped tea knife made from luxury ebony wood that's often used to produce valuable wooden ornaments, artifacts and all kinds of collectibles.


Loofahs are awesome for maintaining teapots as they absorb water well and do not rot or produce unpleasant odours. Loofahs can also absorb the colour of the tea and make it darker in colour.

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