Top 7 Chinese Teas That Can Help You Lose Weight

Healthy drink for a slim and clean body
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Top 7 Teas That Can Help You Keep Slim, Lose Weight And Stay Healthy


According to a survey conducted in 2018, more than half of the world’s population drink tea everyday. It is often said that drinking tea can contribute to weight loss. How true is this? And which types of tea are the best for weight loss? What is the right amount of tea to drink everyday? How should tea be consumed for maximum effectiveness? We hope to address these questions in this article.

Top 7 Teas That Can Help You Keep Slim

1. Pu’er Tea – Reduce Belly Fat


Pu’er tea contains fat-decomposing lipase. This lipase can enhance the digestion and metabolism of fat on the stomach, keeping you slim and looking good!

2. Hawthorn Lotus Leaf Tea – Detoxifies the Body


Hawthorn Lotus Leaf Tea can not only help in detoxification, but can also effectively treat constipation problems.

Lotus Leaves can aid in regulating the spleen and increase weight loss. The roots and leaves of the Lotus also contain diuretic and laxative functions. As a result, the Lotus Leaf has been used as a popular slimming medicine since ancient times.

3. Eucommia Tea – Reduce Puffiness

eucommia tea

Eucommia Tea can reduce body fat because the active ingredients contained in it can accelerate metabolism and promote calorie consumption.

In addition, Eucommia Tea can also prevent or slow down the aging process. We recommend drinking this about half an hour after each meal for maximal effect.

4. Lemon Tea – Suppress Appetite

Lemon Tea not only has a slimming effect on our bodies, but is also rich in vitamin C, which aids in maintaining skin tension and elasticity.

Lemon Tea can also quench your thirst and keep your stomach full, reducing your desire to eat. Combine the consumption of unsweetened Lemon Tea with daily exercise of at least 15 min and you will start to notice significant results.

5. Green Tea – Fat-Elimination

Catechins help to eliminate body fat by enhancing heat production, promoting fat oxidation and increasing the 24-hour calorie depletion rate. It stimulates fat hydrolysis and inhibits pancreatic lipolytic enzyme activity as well.

6. Cassia Slimming Tea – Lowers Blood Pressure


This tea not only has a cooling effect on the throat, but also has a good taste. Cassia Tea is also known to calm the liver, lower blood pressure, relax the bowels and clear toxins in the body.

7. Black Tea – Decomposes Fat

The fat-reducing effect of Black Tea mainly comes from three factors.

Firstly, Black Tea contains various active ingredients such as tea polyphenols and vitamin C which can aid in the decomposition and digestion of fat.

Secondly, Black Tea contains various types of beneficial bacteria that are formed during the tea fermentation process. These bacteria can reduce the intake of triglycerides and sugars by the small intestine, which will reduce the amount of fat stored in the waist and abdomen.

Thirdly, the caffeine found in Black Tea can help heighten the body’s metabolic rate.

What is the most effective way of drinking tea? Let me share the five secrets of drinking tea for weight loss with you. If you do not follow these secrets, and pick the wrong type of tea, and consume it in the wrong manner, you will not be able to maximize your weight loss.

To achieve tea slimming, there are the following five major points:

1. Pick the tea

Chinese Tea

The “polyphenol” contained in tea is considered to have health effects, and “catechin” is the most important one among polyphenols. The “green tea”, “oolong tea” and “black tea” that Chinese people drink most often have different contents of “catechin”, among which green tea is the most, oolong tea is the second, and black tea catechin is the least, most of which is Thearubigin.

2. Continue to drink enough

According to foreign study, drinking 350 ml of tea a day is found to help reduce body weight and body fat after 12 weeks.

3. Drinking time


At the time of drinking tea, it is recommended to choose “before exercise” to help burn fat. It is not recommended to drink immediately after a meal, which will reduce iron absorption.

4. Control calorie

Chinese Tea Pot

If you choose tea with high sugar content and low catechin, you can not lose weight, but your weight will rise. It is recommended to choose sugar-free green tea.

5. Match regular movement

The exercise secretes adrenaline, and tea inhibits the decomposition of adrenaline. The study found that drinking 400 ml of green tea a day, combined with resistance exercise, can increase muscle mass and reduce body fat.

Based on the above 5 points, it is important to choose tea for slimming. It is a prerequisite to choose green tea with high catechins and sugar-free tea with low calories. Remember to drink before exercise, and then exercise with regular exercise and control. Calorie intake will achieve the effect of drinking tea to lose weight.

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