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This teapot has a gourd-like or pear-like shape that is labelled as Siting (思亭 in Chinese). It is often classified as “semi-handmade” as the sculptor uses a molding tool to shape the body of the teapot, and uses his hands for the remaining parts of the teapot, including the handle, spout, holes and surface.


These pots feature a modified wide-mouth shipiao shape and hold approximately 90ml of liquid.


A premium Yixing teapot made from authentic Da Hong Pao clay. Fully handcrafted by a certified Yixing artist: Wang Ping.


This pot is made of vermilion clay via traditional processes. The workmanship is top-tiered and the cover of the pot is flat, creating a tight seal over the pot.


The shape is like a pumpkin. Once you hold it, you can feel that the mud is smooth and fine, and the water is very smooth. This red clay pot is very practical and worth having.  


Chaozhou Zhuni Zhu Ni Zhu Sha Zhusha Red Clay Yixing Auspicious Tea Pot Teapot     Product Description This pot is fully handmade from authentic Chaozhou Red Clay. This means that no moulds were used in the production process but instead, each pot is carefully designed by eye and carefully crafted by hand, with the [...]


This Thousand-Lines Zhuni Teapot was crafted by Master Zhang. Its unique design is sure to pique the interests of your guests and is a sight to marvel at!


Collect one of the world's most famous masterpieces on fine bone china. Enjoy steeping and sipping from this artful tea-for-one and be entranced by the movement and dark beauty of Van Gogh's The Starry Night.


This rust glaze teapot has a simple design, yet it brings forth a feeling of ancient tradition with its rust-glazed surface. It is also very durable and can be used for generations! Get Yours Now!


This Kyusu Teapot comes with a wooden side handle that is commonly used to prepare loose leaf green tea in Japanese tea ceremonies. They have a long side handle which enables a secure grip of the teapot.


Want to brew the perfect cup of tea, without all the tea leaf particles floating around in your drink? This Heat-Resistant Glass Teapot comes with an in-built infuser, allowing you to brew tea according to your tastes and preferences by being able to monitor the color of the tea from the outside.

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