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This handy, lightweight travel tea set is awesome for road trips and picnics! Imagine yourself sipping a nice, piping hot cup of tea alongside some beautiful scenery and nature.


The Longquan Celadon is a type of green-glazed Chinese ceramic that originates from Longquan in Zhejiang Province. This tea set invokes a sense of unity with Mother Nature, with its earthy green colours.        


This tea set is lightweight, portable and durable, making it an ideal companion for enjoying tea during outdoor trips. Take it out during holidays, mountain hikes, picnics, ski trips, lake and beach visits, and more. There's never a bad time for enjoying tea.


Another portable tea set that comes in a classic "earthen" design. Enjoying tea outdoors has never been so easy...


事事如意 Literally Translates to "Things Working Out According To Plan". The smooth and calming design of the lotus plant on the tea set conveys this idea pretty well. Bestow your best wishes on your friends and loved ones, by giving them this tea set!  


There are thousands of lakes in Mainland China and the lotus plant is native to many of them. Bring the serenity of the Lotus Plant into your home with this Gongfu Tea Set! This Lotus Porcelain Chinese Gongfu Tea Set comes with tea cups, a tea pot, a Gaiwan (covered cup), Gongdaobei (mini jug) and a tea funnel.


The Chinese Countryside is filled with beautiful mountains and lakes. Bring the beauty of the countryside to the comforts of your home with this One-With-Nature Tea Set!

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