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This teapot has a gourd-like or pear-like shape that is labelled as Siting (思亭 in Chinese). It is often classified as “semi-handmade” as the sculptor uses a molding tool to shape the body of the teapot, and uses his hands for the remaining parts of the teapot, including the handle, spout, holes and surface.


These pots feature a modified wide-mouth shipiao shape and hold approximately 90ml of liquid.


The lines formed in these works are smooth, combining the best of traditional and modern pottery. Master Zhang is one of these modern artisans who can breathe life into these pottery, with his rigorous workmanship and excellent control.


This striking Fair Cup resembles "The Starry Night" by Van Gogh. It is made of fine bone china which is both elegant and durable. Part of the Starry Night Teaware Series.

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